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Most people feel trapped with their current credit report score, but few
know that it's possible to see changes in as little as two months.
Credit America works with a team of qualified legal experts who assist clients in disputing and removing negative marks from their credit reports.
We specialize in rapid credit repair - let us help you with your credit score today!
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Credit Report Repair Services

Having poor credit can negatively affect your lifestyle in many ways, but there are steps you can take to protect and improve your credit score. At Credit America we offer services to help improve as well as repair your credit in areas such as disputing items on your credit report with credit bureaus and monitoring/protecting your credit around the clock. Working on your behalf, using your consumer rights and our credit repair experience, Credit America makes the process of restoring your credit easy and affordable. Why sit and simply wait for your credit to get better when you can let us improve it in a matter of weeks?

Why Choose Credit America?

We offer professional services to clients who need to fix their credit. Your credit score is a crucial element in determining interest rates for your car loans, home loans, credit card payments, and other amenities; it is important to have good credit in order to avoid excessive interest expense. Sign up now and Credit America will assist in disputing negative items such as late payments, collections, charge offs, bankruptcies, repossessions, foreclosures, and judgments to be removed from your credit reports.

There are no hidden fees and the removals are unlimited! Our credit repair services include:

  • Outstanding Professional Support
  • Smooth and Easy Credit Report Repair Process
  • Around the Clock Credit Monitoring
  • Cancel without Penalty

Take control of your credit report and reclaim your credit score today!

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Did You Know: Credit repair is much more accessible than most consumers think - give Credit America a try today!